Specialty lighting to
brighten up your landscape.
Benefits of Landscape Lighting


Installing low voltage landscape lighting is a great way to illuminate your home and surrounding landscape. It can also easily accommodate a future redesign or any further additions to your growing landscape.

Increased Safety

Landscape lighting can increase safety throughout your property.  It is frequently used near sidewalks, stairways, and pool decks to illuminate high traffic areas.  Lighting can also be placed near entry doors and windows as a theft deterrent.


Compared to soffit or fixed lighting, ground mounted landscape lighting creates unique shadowing and shows off the texturyou home  also creates depth and focal points for the surrounding landscape. The old “blue-ish” hue of LED lighting is a thing of the past.  Today’s LED’s provide a warm inviting light that can subtly light your landscape and bring it to life.

Our Lighting Systems Include:

Design, Professional grade fixtures, transformer and timer, installation, and One year labor warranty in addition to all manufacturer warranties.
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