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GreenFeeder Systems

The GreenFeeder easily installs on any irrigation system and allows for automatic fertilization and/or pest control every time you water. The GreenFeeder adjusts the feed rate based on water flow, so users don’t have to worry about over- or under feeding. Simply connect a bottle of Grass So Green fertilizer or NatureShield pest repellant to the GreenFeeder and let the system go to work. GreenFeeder can be installed underground or above ground after the backflow preventer and is completely safe for the environment.
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* Low Odor NaureShield Coming Spring 2021
Unlike chemical pesticides that can be harmful to pets and children, the essential oils in Natureshield come from natural sources that include garlic, cinnamon, castor and cedar oils. The Greenfeeder system works in conjunction with your irrigation system so that you can run your sprinklers and control pests at the same time! And no need for a technician to come walk your home’s property multiple times per season to dispense chemical pesticides. Natureshield is formulated to control mosquitoes, ants, ticks, fleas, carpet beetles, centipedes and other crawling and flying insects.

GrassSoGreen Fertilizer

A healthy lawn is the best protection against weeds, insects, and diseases. GrassSoGreen® is OMRI Certified organic and safe for kids and pets. It contains no pesticides or synthetic ingredients. The All-Purpose blend can be used in nearly all applications, including new and established lawns, trees, shrubs, and gardens. It can also be used to transition landscapes from a synthetic fertilizer program to an organic program to prevent undesirable nutrient withdrawal.

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